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Recruitment Privacy Policy

If you apply for a job at Schibsted (with Schibsted we mean all companies in our group), your personal data will be registered with and processed by Schibsted. The purpose of the registration is to enable us to handle the recruitment process in question and to use the data for future opportunities within Schibsted. Jobylon (our Applicant Tracking System) and Trustcruit (our recruitment process evaluation tool) will process the personal data and only such data necessary for the purpose of the recruitment may be processed, such as contact details and records to evaluate the applicant’s suitability and career opportunities.

Schibsted ASA and each company within Schibsted ASA’s group that processes your personal data will be responsible as a controller for your personal data and is committed to not disclose it to unauthorized third parties.

Collection of data

Most of the data processed is supplied by you, yourself. Information about your experience, name and contact details etc may, however, be collected using publicly available sources such as LinkedIn. As part of the recruitment process, we may also seek additional information about you from the Internet, including social media.

Any data collected is used solely for recruitment purposes, including statistical purposes, e.g. demographic analyses of applicants, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Such statistic data is processed in aggregated and non-identifiable form.

We may share your application with our employees involved in the recruitment and third parties who assist us in the recruitment process, including recruitment companies, providers of personality tests, etc.

Please note that data in your application may be used for recruitment to other positions within Schibsted than the one you’re currently applying for. If you’re not interested in any other positions, please contact us and let us know you wish to be excluded.

Background checks (only Sweden)

Background checks will be performed on all potential employees within Schibsted Media that will have access to the Schibsted Building and/or will work under the financial supervisory authority - Finansinspektionen. Background checks are conducted at the end of the recruitment process.

Processing of data

Your personal data is processed in a conventional and regular recruitment manner. The key steps being the collection, storage, evaluation, contact with the candidate and deletion of personal data after 24 months.

Such processing is necessary in order to facilitate the recruitment process, which is in the legitimate interest of us as an employer.

You may be asked to provide data, which is not relevant to the recruitment process. If such data is requested, it is voluntary and will not be used in the recruitment process. Such data may be demographic information collected for statistical purpose (e.g. where you live or where you went to school). The purpose of collecting such information will be provided in connection to the request. By providing such information you consent to the information being used for Schibsted’s statistical purposes (or other purposes as provided in connection to the request). Please note that such information will never affect the recruitment procedure and is completely voluntary to supply.

Your application will be automatically deleted 24 months after first registration unless otherwise requested by you. An option to maintain your account beyond this timeframe will be sent to you prior to deletion. For active candidates, this data is necessary in order to facilitate the recruitment process.

Candidate data is kept for 24 months after registration date for the following purposes:

  • To be able to match candidates with relevant future job openings.

  • To be able to evaluate interview data if the candidate reapplies.

  • Business value: To be able to use stored candidates as a database for sourcing.

  • Discrimination: In cases where Schibsted will need to show that the employment procedure was non-discriminatory.

When you apply for a job or take a step in the recruitment process, we will share your e-mail with Trustcruit who will send you a survey for evaluation of our recruitment process. The survey is optional and Trustcruit will not save your e-mail for more than two days (and never together with your answers to the survey). Your answers to the survey will be anonymised and kept for 60 days before permanently deleted.

Talent Network (only Finland)

Our Talent Network organises networking events, webinars and mentoring programs. You can join our Talent Network by filling out a form on the recruitment website. When you join the network you will be asked for a consent to store your data and send you invitations and messages related to the network. You can modify your profile and delete it via this link. Talent Network profiles are stored for 24 months and they are kept separate from application data but the recruiters are able to see if a candidate is currently part of the Talent Network.

Your rights

You may contact Schibsted (Talent Acquisition) and request information about which categories of personal data is being processed, for what purpose, who has (or will) receive which data and if any information has been collected from other sources than yourself (and if so, from where). You can reach us (Talent Acquisition Media) at [email protected]

If you suspect, or consider, your personal data is being processed wrongfully, or that the personal data being processed is inaccurate, you should contact Schibsted (Talent Acquisition, [email protected]), directly and request that the data is rectified, erased or that processing is restricted (as applicable).

You may also contact Jobylon with your request by sending an e-mail to [email protected], please note that Jobylon will only forward your request to Schibsted (who is the personal data controller). You also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (for Sweden, that is Datainspektionen, https://www.datainspektionen.se/vagledningar/for-dig-som-privatperson/klagomal-och-tips/)

In certain situations, you have the right to data portability, meaning that your data is transferred directly (or via yourself) from the employer to another controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

You always have the right to request an excerpt of the personal data stored about you and to change the data if it is inaccurate as well as to get it deleted if the processing lacks a legal basis.