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Adtraction Scandinavia AB (“Adtraction”, “we” or “us”) prioritizes data privacy and safe processing of personal data. Those who provide Adtraction with personal data can trust that the personal data is processed in accordance with applicable personal data legislation, for example the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") and other supplementary national legislation.

Adtraction have taken great measures to be GDPR compliant and this Privacy Policy has been created in order for you to better understand how your personal data is processed by us. This Privacy Policy is not exhaustive but contains some fundamental privacy principles applied by Adtraction to safeguard the integrity of individuals.

Processing of personal data
Personal data comprises all types of information that directly or indirectly can be linked to an individual, including name, address or telephone number. Adtraction collects and processes several types of personal data, all depending on the situation. Examples of such personal data are names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, IP-addresses, personal identity numbers, bank account numbers or other information that you provide within the framework of Adtraction's service.

Below is a description of the situations when we collect and process data. You can also read about what purposes we process data for, what legal grounds we rely on and for how long we store the data.

When you visit Adtraction's website
If you are only using the website for information and do not register or transmit information to us in any other way, we only collect the personal data which your browser transmits to our server.

The purpose of processing personal data when you visit Adtraction’s website is to enable for us to display our website to you and to guarantee its stability and security. We collect the following data which is technically necessary to fulfil the purpose:

  • IP address
  • Date and time of the enquiry
  • Time zone difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Content of the request (specific page)
  • Access status / HTTP status code
  • Quantity of data transferred in each case
  • The website from which the request comes
  • Browser
  • Operating system and its interface
  • Language and version of the browser software

The legal ground for processing data is our legitimate interest to display our website in a safe manner. This mean that we, after careful consideration, assess that your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms do not outweigh and require the protection of personal data. The personal data which is collected when you visit Adtraction’s website is stored [storage period].

When you contact Adtraction via e-mail or telephone
If you contact Adtraction by e-mail or telephone, for example because you have a question regarding our service, we handle the information you have chosen to provide at the time of contact. The processing of your personal data depends on what your matter concerns, but we generally process the following data:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address

We process your personal data for our legitimate interest in handling your matter, meaning that we – after careful considerations – have found that your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms do not outweigh and require the protection of personal data.

If your case requires any action to be taken by Adtraction, your data will be stored for 24 months. However, if we believe that we are required to store the data longer than that, we will ask for your consent to your data being stored for a longer period. You have the right to receive information about how long the data may be stored and how to revoke your consent.

When you send a job application to Adtraction
If you send a job application to us via e-mail, we will process the personal data you provide us with in the application. The data which can be processed is, for example:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Personal security number

Personal data collected in connection with job applications is generally stored for 24 months. Exceptions are made for personal data collected in spontaneous applications, as such data is stored for a maximum of 12 months.

When you apply for a job with us, we handle your personal information for our legitimate interest in handling your application. This means that after careful consideration, we have assessed that your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms do not outweigh and require the protection of your personal data.

When you contact Adtraction via social media
If you contact us via social media, for example on our Facebook or Instagram page, the personal data will only be processed within the framework of the social media platform. We will therefore refer you to email your case to our e-mail address [email protected]. The personal data provided on our social media pages are processed based on your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time by contacting us directly on social media or via [email protected]. Your personal data is only processed for as long as we have your consent.

When you register for Adtraction’s newsletter
If you sign up for our newsletter, we will process the personal information that is necessary to be able to send it to you. This means that we will process the following data:

  • Name
  • E-mail address

When you register for our newsletter, we will process your personal data by sending out newsletters and/or marketing emails. Your information is processed based on the fact that you have previously given consent to the processing.

We store your personal data until you choose to revoke your consent. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time, either by contacting us by e-mail to [email protected] or by unsubscribing according to the instructions in the mailing you have received.

When you interact with Adtraction’s ads
Adtraction has developed a cookie for tracking Internet traffic and provides a service that allows advertisers to pay commission to publishers that, via clicks on hyperlinks, direct traffic to the advertiser’s website. We use various technologies to collect and store information about views and interactions with ads. This includes cookies, pixel tags, databases and server logs. We do this so that we can provide aggregated reports to advertisers, like telling them whether we served their ad on a page and whether the ad was clicked by a viewer. We also measure conversions, for example a purchase you have made after clicking the link, that occur after interacting with an ad. In order to provide the service, we may process the following data:

  • IP address
  • Technical data such as browser settings

Personal data is processed based on our legitimate interest to provide our service. We have, after careful consideration, assessed that your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms do not override and require the protection of personal data. The data is stored for [storage time].

Security measures
Adtraction has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, destruction and change as well as ensuring that only personal data which is necessary for each specific processing purpose is processed.

Transfer of personal data to other companies
Adtraction will never rent or sell personal data to third parties and does not divulge your personal data without your prior written consent. However, data may in some cases be transferred in order for us to comply with legal inquiries, when it is required by law or otherwise when it is necessary to detect and prevent criminal activity.

A transfer may also be necessary for us to share your personal data with other companies that are subcontractors to us. These subcontractors are called personal data processors. A processor is a company that processes personal data on our behalf and according to our instructions. We have processors who help us with, for example, IT services and recruitment services. Moreover, if you have chosen to register for our newsletter, we may transfer your data to the supplier of our newsletter.

If we share your personal data with our processors, it will only be for the purposes we have specified. We control all processors to ensure that they can provide sufficient guarantees for security and confidentiality regarding personal data. We have also written agreements with all processors where they guarantee the security of the personal data that is being processed, and where they undertake to comply with our security requirements as well as restrictions and requirements that apply to the international transfer of personal data.

Transfer of personal data to other countries
In some cases, we may transfer personal data outside the European Union (“EU”) or European Economic Area (“EEA”), a so-called third country transfer. This could be the case if we use a personal data processor who is established in a third country. As a main rule, publishing on social media also involves such a transfer. This means that your personal data, for example your photo and name, can be transferred to third countries if you contact Adtraction on social media.

We always transfer personal data in accordance with current privacy protection legislation, including the GDPR. In the third country, however, the GDPR does not apply, which may entail an increased risk in terms of privacy with regard to, among other things, the possibility for authorities in the third country to gain access to your personal data and for your opportunities to exercise control over personal data. However, the transfer is necessary for you to be able to contact us on social media.

Use of cookies
To give our website visitors the best experience, we use cookies. A cookie is a small data file stored in your browser. Adtraction's usage of cookies is handled within the framework of the GDPR and other applicable legislation. For more information about how we handle cookies, please see our Cookie Policy.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your settings in your browser. However, this can cause websites to stop working properly. For instructions on how to block cookies, please refer to your browser's help pages.

Your privacy rights
If Adtraction processes your personal data, you have the following privacy rights in accordance with the GDPR:

Right to information and access

You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not your personal data is being processed. Furthermore, you have the right to receive a copy of the personal data that we process about you.

A request for an extract from the register must be made in writing to [email protected]. Once we receive a request for access, we may ask for additional information to ensure that the information is provided to the right person.

Correction of data
If your personal data is inaccurate, you can request to have the data rectified. You can also request the data to be completed if it is incomplete. Such request can be sent to [email protected].

Right to be forgotten
In some cases, you can ask us to delete your personal data in whole or in part. This means that you can, for example, object to a balance of interest assessment we have made or claim that the information is no longer necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected.

To the extent that it is necessary for us to continue the processing of your personal data, for example to fulfil our legal obligations, we are not obliged to delete the data. This means that certain data can be stored until we are no longer obliged to process them.

Right to restriction of processing
Under some circumstances, you can ask us to stop processing all or some of your personal data or to limit our use of it. A restriction can be made for several reasons.

- In case you dispute that the personal data we process is correct, you can request a limited processing during the time we control whether the personal data is correct.

- In case you demand that we delete your personal data but we cannot meet the request, you may request restriction of processing. This could be because we need the data we have about you in order to establish, assert or defend legal claims. In these cases, you can request limited processing of the data from us.

- In case you have objected to a balance of interest assessment that we have made as a legal basis for processing, you may request limited processing during the time we work to control whether our legitimate interests outweigh your interests in having the data deleted.

If the processing has been restricted as described above, we may only store your personal data and process it to establish, assert or defend legal claims or to protect someone else's rights or because you have given your consent.

Right to object
At any time, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data based on a balance of interests as a legal basis. A continued processing of your personal data requires that we can show that we have a justified reason for the processing. If we cannot prove a justified reason, we may only process the data to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

Automated individual decision-making
If applicable, you have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on an automated processing.

Right to withdraw consent
For processing where your consent forms the legal basis, you have the right to withdraw your consent to our further processing as described in this Privacy Policy. However, if you withdraw your consent, we may no longer be able to provide you with the services you have requested. We may be required to continue to process or store your personal data to fulfil legal and regulatory obligations.

Data portability
Under some circumstances, you have the right to transfer the data to another controller.

Right to refrain from marketing mailings
At any time, you have the right to refrain from receiving marketing mailings that we send to you via e-mail. To refrain from such mailings, you can either unsubscribe by following the link directly in the mailing or by writing to us at [email protected].

Right to complain
You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection if you are not satisfied with how we process your personal data.


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Amendments to this policy
Adtraction reserves the right to update, change or replace any part of this Privacy Policy at any time in order to keep it compliant with applicable laws such as the GDPR. The latest version can always be found on our website www.adtraction.com.

Contact information
Adtraction Scandinavia AB is the controller of all personal data that we process. If you have any questions about Adtraction's handling of personal data or the GDPR, please find our contact details below.

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